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Add a brother into the mix…

I have one sister, who is 3 years older than I am. We sometimes say to eachother…”Wouldn’t it be weird if there was a third sibling? Wouldn’t it be weird if we had a BROTHER?…”. Meet Ava and Sam. The location of this shoot probably looks familiar…that is because Ava and Sam are best friends with Jenna and Piper! So I know them pretty well, since they also are part of the swim school gang. Although Ava and Sam were never MY students, I still got to watch them grow in the pool, as well as out of it. I once babysat for all 4 of these munchkins at once….one crazy afternoon!

Anyway, back to my whole ‘brother’ philosophy. By watching Ava and Sam interact, I can only imagine how different it would have been to grow up with a brother. There is such a unique dynamic between the two of them. I would describe it as slightly silly, cute, crazy…and as Ava puts it; “annoying”. But I told Ava, if she had to pick any boy for a brother, she definitely picked a good one. 


shellyandersonphotography - This is totally our friends house.

Fate and Cute Faces

Now I definitely believe that good things come from hard work instead of luck, (I mean come on… I was born on Friday the 13th, not the luckiest person in the world here). But what about “fate”? When I first moved to San Diego, I knew I wanted to eventually work with a local photographer to continue learning more about my passion, but I had no connections. Instead I got a job right away working at a swim school. I swam all throughout high school so I thought this would be great….but I had never worked with kids before, let alone talked to anyone under the age of 12, …and yet I found myself in charge of 3 year olds in a 5 ft deep pool.

Working at this swim school….must have been fate. It has no direct relation to photography….yet through working with those kids and families for the first 11 months living here in San Diego, I have created a very large base of friends who have taken me in to their lives and homes. Many of them have asked me to photograph their children, because of the great bond I have created with the little ones. One of my favorite families just recently asked me to come over and take “a few shots” of the girls, which of course turned into an extreme gigglefest. Jenna was one of my first students at the swim school, and let me tell you, she has a SICK freestyle, but an even cuter face. Her little sister, Piper, became one of my students later on when she moved up to “the big girl class” with Jenna. Piper is a little rockstar in her own right.

I tell people it’s almost like cheating when I take photos of these girls, because they can’t take a bad photo. Here are some of my favorite shots of the girls!!


About Time

So I have been hearing it from everyone- time to get a blog Shelly. If I want to start going ahead with this whole Photography business thing, blogs are the best way to get myself out there and have friends and family check up on some of my work. I totally agree, so here I am! I will (try my hardest!) to consistently update you all on my work, life, and randomness. We shall start with….our road trip! My boyfriend, Brett, and I drove all the way up past San Francisco to the Sonoma wiiiiine country! We took our time (since Brett has never been north of LA!) driving along the coast stopping frequently for some amazing photo ops. If you have never taken that drive, it is HIGHLY recommended, and this is coming from a girl who has driven everywhere. We stayed the night in the city, then woke up super early to make it to Muir Woods (wow!) then of course finished that day with ummmm 5(?) wineries in Sonoma. The last day of the trip we spent one more night in San Francisco, doing last minute touristy things like taking a cruise around Alcatraz Island and going under the Golden Gate Bridge. Typical San Francisco insisted on being foggy and cold while we were on the boat, but nothing to complain about. Brett was a trooper and woke up at 4am to drive us back to San Diego, and we made it back before noon! Why can’t we have vacations every weekend??…..


John Anderson - Love the blog Shelly!

Gene Gerber - Good begin! Now don’t stop here. More good photos!