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A Black and White Affair!

AntheaChris-19Even though Anthea and Chris had a small wedding ceremony a few months back, they decided their friends and family would appreciate another celebration! (Hey, any excuse to get back into that amazing dress!) They held a “black and white” attire wedding reception at Marina Village on Mission Bay this past Valentine’s Day. Right as we were about to take photos, the perfect 80 degree sunny day decided to take an interesting turn and had the thick fog roll in over the water. The mood was pretty romantic!

And nothing says I Love You like a donut bar right!? The laid back couple, (or I should say…”lei’ed back”), set up almost the entire event by themselves. They made sure to keep every either DIY, or local. It was a perfect Valentine’s Day!!




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Katelin and John’s L.A. Engagement- Part III- El Matador Beach

To finish John and Katelin’s beyond-perfect engagement shoot, they decided on a place that truly meant a lot to them. A Malibu beach. While Katelin and I planned out the day and which outfits they were going to wear, John only had one request….”I NEED a shot with my surfboard.” When it comes to John’s other love, (surfing), Katelin is a dedicated partner. She wakes up with him at dawn break to drive up to Malibu to watch him surf. They have had many mornings and sunsets together on the beach, watching the sun leave for the night to dutifully come back in the morning for a new day.

El Matador beach was the perfect backdrop for us. It was fun watching these two dance around the sand together as we finished for the day. They truly have that “if you’re a bird, I’m a bird” type of love for each other you see in the movies.

I’d also like to thank my lovely boyfriend, Brett, for helping us out and being my assistant for the day! You are the best chauffeur, dress holder, bag carrier, and teammate around!




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Katelin and John’s L.A. Engagement- Part II- Griffith Observatory

Continuing my day with Katelin and John, we headed up mid-day to the Griffith Observatory. This is no ordinary building. This observatory was built by a man whose obsession with the stars and cosmos created his dream to have the accessibility to the public to these same wonders that inspired him. The founder, Griffith J. Griffith, donated the 3,015 acres of land with the promise that an observatory and planetarium would be built on top of the hill. Production of the art-deco architecture started in the early 1930’s. While the building’s purpose is for their audience to focus upwards to the wonders of the sky, one can not help but also look out. Coin-operated binocular viewers are strategically placed along the edges of the walls of the observatory. This is where you can find Katelin and John.

With views of the Hollywood sign, downtown Los Angeles, the ocean…..this is THEIR city. Both transplants from other states, they moved here with out knowing one another, unsure of what their future would hold. They met in this city. They fell in love in this city. They will get married in this city. They will begin their lives here in this city. But their love belongs in the stars!


Part III is yet to come! Stay tuned!….