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New blog’s Debut, and Missing Home

The blog is debuting a new look!! I thought the first *new* post should be of these two lovely ladies who I miss so much, Carolyn and Barb! When I was home this summer for a few sweet short days, we took a few photos at my family’s lake house on Keuka Lake. Looking back at these photos make me a) miss home b) miss my family c) miss appreciating those FEW short weeks of hot sweaty NY summer! d) also appreciating how lucky I was growing up out on that piece of land overlooking the lake. I spent every summer as a child swimming and sailing on Keuka Lake, and climbing up trees and picking grapes on the hills. This year my parents have decided to sell the lake house and the property:(Hopefully I will get back in time to take more photos and breathe it all in one last time before it all gets taken away from me!



Dawne and Brad’s La Jolla Wedding

DawneBrad-27Along with my own work, I am also an Associate Photographer for Dilanatta’s Photography, and this weekend I was so lucky to be apart of Dawne and Brad’s wedding held at the Cuvier Club in La Jolla! Dawne and Brad are the definition of best friends. They met each other NINETEEN YEARS ago! As Brad’s Best Man put it, “It’s about time!”. Dawne is probably one of the sweetest and most relaxed brides I have ever met. Even in her killer 6-inch shoes, (no seriously, they were brutal to have on all day!), she still managed to enjoy every second of her wedding day. Her Dad drove the pair from the hotel to the Cuvier Club in his flashy car, which he may or may not have been bragging about all night. (Wouldn’t you!?) The reception room was transformed into a classy, purple, fairy-tale ending dance floor for the couple to embrace and party the night away. Check out some of the shots I took from this amazing day! Congrats you two!DawneBrad-1DawneBrad-3DawneBrad-4DawneBrad-6DawneBrad-7DawneBrad-8DawneBrad-9DawneBrad-10DawneBrad-11DawneBrad-12DawneBrad-13DawneBrad-14DawneBrad-16DawneBrad-15DawneBrad-17DawneBrad-18DawneBrad-19DawneBrad-20DawneBrad-21DawneBrad-23DawneBrad-24DawneBrad-26DawneBrad-27DawneBrad-29DawneBrad-30DawneBrad-31DawneBrad-32DawneBrad-33DawneBrad-34DawneBrad-36DawneBrad-37DawneBrad-42DawneBrad-43DawneBrad-44DawneBrad-46DawneBrad-48DawneBrad-49DawneBrad-52DawneBrad-51DawneBrad-50DawneBrad-67DawneBrad-68DawneBrad-69DawneBrad-64DawneBrad-65DawneBrad-70DawneBrad-40DawneBrad-39DawneBrad-55DawneBrad-56DawneBrad-57DawneBrad-59DawneBrad-60DawneBrad-61DawneBrad-58DawneBrad-62DawneBrad-71DawneBrad-72DawneBrad-74DawneBrad-73DawneBrad-75DawneBrad-76DawneBrad-77DawneBrad-78


Featured on Style Me Pretty: Lizzy and Mike

Yesterday if you checked out Style Me Pretty you would have seen Lizzy and Mike’s Engagement session staring back at ya! I LOVED shooting this session; Lizzy and Mike are so easy to work with and HELLO!?!?? Check out that light! We were so fortunate to have the Perfect with capitol “P” day. I am  happy that Style Me Pretty liked it as much as I did and featured it on their site. A special thank you to my uncle, Glenn, for letting us venture into his backyard for these awesome shots!:)Screen shot 2013-08-22 at 10.46.12 AMScreen shot 2013-08-22 at 10.46.51 AM