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7stitches Jewelry and Camellia Boutique

I had SO much fun photographing the jewelry line for 7stitches and Camellia’s clothing line in Encinitas this weekend. We took our three lovely models around the town, through the Sunday Bazaar, an old movie theatre, local shops and restaurants, and a drive-thru burger joint! I love how the images came out, and left me wanting to shoot more fashion work! It is a totally different experience photographing models than brides on their wedding day, that is for sure!


Make sure to check out 7stitches online, as well as Camellia Boutique in Solana Beach!7stitches17stitches27stitches37stitches47stitches57stitches67stitches77stitches87stitches97stitches107stitches117stitches127stitches137stitches147stitches157stitches167stitches177stitches187stitches197stitches207stitches217stitches227stitches237stitches247stitches257stitches267stitches277stitches287stitches297stitches307stitches317stitches327stitches337stitches347stitches357stitches367stitches377stitches387stitches397stitches407stitches417stitches427stitches437stitches447stitches457stitches467stitches477stitches487stitches497stitches507stitches517stitches527stitches537stitches547stitches557stitches567stitches57


Vivien Anderson - Wonderful!

Kelly and Ryan’s Rancho Beuna Vista Adobe Wedding

Kelly and Ryan were such an easy couple to be with on their wedding day! When two people are so comfortable with each other and so incredibly in love, it sure does make my job a piece of cake! Ryan became noticeably different the moment he saw Kelly coming down the aisle. The few hours leading up to the ceremony, Ryan was definitely anxious. Kelly and the girls were running a bit late, while Ryan was ready a good hour an a half before her! Originally the bride and groom had a “first look” planned, but even with a delayed start, the show must go on and they had to see each other for the first time down the aisle instead! After that, the night was smooth sailing with some of the most adorable couple shots I have seen in awhile! Then they danced the night away to happily ever after. KellyRyan-1KellyRyan-2KellyRyan-3KellyRyan-4KellyRyan-9KellyRyan-17KellyRyan-16KellyRyan-19KellyRyan-20KellyRyan-21KellyRyan-22KellyRyan-24KellyRyan-25KellyRyan-26KellyRyan-27KellyRyan-63KellyRyan-28KellyRyan-29KellyRyan-6KellyRyan-33KellyRyan-14KellyRyan-11KellyRyan-12KellyRyan-10KellyRyan-18KellyRyan-13KellyRyan-31KellyRyan-62KellyRyan-36KellyRyan-35KellyRyan-34KellyRyan-38KellyRyan-39KellyRyan-42KellyRyan-40KellyRyan-41KellyRyan-50KellyRyan-52KellyRyan-54KellyRyan-53KellyRyan-55KellyRyan-58KellyRyan-51KellyRyan-43KellyRyan-46KellyRyan-47KellyRyan-48KellyRyan-49


Hzeman - Amazing and beautiful photographs Shelly.