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Wedding Planning Tips: Timeline Suggestions

I often help brides and grooms create their wedding day flow. I understand that every wedding is different and will have their own needs. In general, I like to use a standard formula I have found that works for timelines, and then we can adjust it as needed. Below are my suggestions of the order […]

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Wedding Planning Tips: Sparkler Exits!

Everyone loves a good sparkler exit, but they must be planned properly! There are a few factors to think about when planning this special exit.  First, safety. Make sure your coordinator or venue person of contact sets out enough buckets of water nearby. I HAVE actually seen a table cloth get caught on fire!Second, venue […]

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Wedding Planning Tips: How Do We Pose?

Whenever I show up to a shoot with new clients, a majority of them seem to have the same worry- “We’ve never been professionally photographed before and we are awkward, HOW DO WE POSE?” I tell everyone the same thing; making you comfortable in front of the camera is MY job, not yours! I will […]

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