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Cape Town, South Africa: Cycle the Cape Bike Trip

It all started about 6 months ago when I was chatting with my dad about going on a bike trip with him. I randomly blurted out, “We should do it on South Africa!”. Instead of laughing the idea off, he said, “if you do the research and find something good, I’ll go with you.” So […]

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Norway and Sweden- Scandinavian Adventure Part II and III

While we were sad to leave Iceland, Erin and I were getting REALLY excited for some warmer, more consistent weather! Everything we heard about Norway and Sweden was- go to Norway for the landscapes, and go to Sweden for the cities! We planned accordingly. We flew into the small town of Stavanger, Norway, and picked […]

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Iceland- Scandinavian Adventure Part I

Iceland. Weird. Fascinating. Mysterious. Unearthly. As we were driving along the vast and empty countryside of Iceland, I kept saying to my travel buddy (Erin, or “Fitz”), “I just don’t understand….”. This land was unlike anything I had ever seen before. None of it made sense. The earth was made up of everything from volcanic […]

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