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2016 Recap

I’ve seen a lot of 2016 Highlights blog posts and I realized I wanted to make one too. Although, mine is different; these images below are a recap of the year in some way, but I wouldn’t call them my “top images”. They are not “the best” but they are each memorable to me in some way. I know that I am missing a LOT that could have been posted with these ones, and they are in no particular order. In fact, they do not even go together as one cohesive unit. Some of the images shown are here because I tried something new and think I succeeded. Some are only special to the people that are in them and who was there in the moment. Some are from trips this year that will stay in my memory bank forever. Some are just lovely images that I can’t keep my eyes off of. There is no rhyme or reason other than they make me happy.

2016 was a year of travel, growth, new friendships, and inspiration. I biked for a week across South Africa, and had photo shoots in 4 different cities across Mexico. My sister got MARRIED. I went to my first photo retreat and met a plethora of new photographers that I can now call friends and are a constant form of inspiration. I was published on many top bridal blogs and in a few print magazines. Going through a chunk of the images I took this year reminded me that I love what I do, and has inspired me to continue on this journey I have made for myself.

To my clients this past year:

I laughed with you, cried with you, danced with you, and partied with you. Some of you were friends before we had our photo session, but I can say that you all are friends now. Some of your vows moved me beyond words. Some of the speeches made me cry. You made 2017 have some huge shoes to fill.

But this blog post isn’t just for you, it is for me too. It makes me happy. I remember each and every one of these moments and it makes my heart so full <3






Erika - SHELLY!
so many gorgeous, beautiful moments.

As much as I love weddings and all of the beautiful, gorgeous brides (do you only have beautiful clients? or is it that all brides are truly beautiful?)…I think I love the photo of the ostrich the best!

love looking at your work.
<3 erika

Alex - You are SO incredibly talented, friend! So proud to see how far you’ve come- you’ve absolutely earned all this success. Can’t wait to see what opportunities (and travels) 2017 brings you professionally. Xo

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