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Tulum, Mexico: Ruins and Tequila!


I have to admit, when on such a relaxing and fun vacation such as this one, I tend to NOT pick my camera up as often as I should. The whole point of a place like Tulum is to relax, heal, and splurge on tacos and tequila…..which we did all of the above.

The way this trip came about was when I had booked a wedding in Playa del Carmen and wanted to extend my time around the Yucatan Peninsula. I wanted some companions on my voyage, so I took a few of my girlfriends out to wine wednesday and convinced them to book a flight the next morning. We booked a cute little condo in downtown Tulum and didn’t really plan anything else! I got there a day before Erin, Katilin and Heather did, and waited for them by the pool as they arrived at 10am. We immediately dropped our bags and got on the bikes to head to the beach. We ate the freshest fish tacos and slowly made our way down the coast hitting up as many resorts as we could- to taste test all of the ceviche and margaritas we could! We fell in love with a spot that kind of become “ours” called Ziggys, and ended up there every day.

The second day we found a taxi man named Manny to take us around for the day. We first stopped by Chichen Itza, which are ancient Mayan ruins that scatter the fast property. We spent about an hour there before Manny took us to his favorite centoe, Ik Kil. This was probably the highlight of our trip! We arrived and looked down into the large sink hole and couldn’t wait to jump in ourselves. The water was cool and refreshing, quite the experience. Manny then took us to Mayapan, a tequilaria which gave us a tour of the factory and 5 different tequila tastings. Our last stop of the day was a chocolate factory where we saw (and also taste tested) how they make chocolate out of cocoa beans. That night we had a nice dinner by the beach at one of the many stunning open air restaurants/bars.

The last day we biked to the ruins on the beach and stepped in the warm turquoise water. Biking was the best method to get around by the beach and it was nice to get some movement in every day after all those tacos we were eating! We lounged a lot and again hit up as many resorts as we could that last day. We were gifted a lovely sunset on our last night and we all agreed our time there wasn’t long enough. (We seriously talked about just not getting on the planes home and what it would take to get an apartment and live there for the summer)…… Until next time Tulum!Tulum-1Tulum-3Tulum-2Tulum-7Tulum-5Tulum-8Tulum-9Tulum-10Tulum-13Tulum-14Tulum-15Tulum-16Tulum-19Tulum-20Tulum-21Tulum-22Tulum-24Tulum-25Tulum-26Tulum-29Tulum-30Tulum-33Tulum-34Tulum-36Tulum-38Tulum-39Tulum-41Tulum-42Tulum-43Tulum-45Tulum-46Tulum-47Tulum-49Tulum-50Tulum-51Tulum-52Tulum-54Tulum-55Tulum-58Tulum-59Tulum-60Tulum-61Tulum-64Tulum-67Tulum-68Tulum-69Tulum-70Tulum-72Tulum-71Tulum-74


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