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A Spontaneous Trip to Salvation Mountain

SalvationMountain-28My bestie and her boyfriend came to visit San Diego from the east coast last fall, and we had a whole day on our itinerary open. Originally, we were probably planning on relaxing by the beach with a few margaritas, but last minute decided to drive out to the desert to visit the one and only Salvation Mountain. This has been on my SoCal bucket list for awhile now. Since it takes up a good part of your day just driving there and back, we added a few other stops. First we got tacos and cervezas by the border in Calexico. Then we passed by the Salton Sea to come upon the “mountain”. Before even getting to the mountain, you find yourself lost in the artwork in the parking lot, as well as some friendly people who will educate you on the history of this space. While I could write on for hours everything I was told, it is better for you to experience it yourself, and make the drive! We then climbed the yellow brick road to the top to catch view of the vastness of the desert. After a good hour exploring the mountain of artwork, we drove a little farther to check out Slab City- a yet another indescribable place that you must check out for your own eyes. (All of it was pretty wild!). Instead of driving the same route back to San Diego, we then drove through Anza Borrego desert to get to the mountains of Julian, where we stopped at mine and Brett’s favorite brewery for some snacks and drinks. Successful road trip in the books!SalvationMountain-2SalvationMountain-4SalvationMountain-1SalvationMountain-5SalvationMountain-9SalvationMountain-8SalvationMountain-12SalvationMountain-11SalvationMountain-14SalvationMountain-15SalvationMountain-17SalvationMountain-18SalvationMountain-21SalvationMountain-23SalvationMountain-24SalvationMountain-27SalvationMountain-29SalvationMountain-30SalvationMountain-31SalvationMountain-32SalvationMountain-35SalvationMountain-37SalvationMountain-39SalvationMountain-41SalvationMountain-42SalvationMountain-43SalvationMountain-46SalvationMountain-47SalvationMountain-48SalvationMountain-52SalvationMountain-49SalvationMountain-53SalvationMountain-55SalvationMountain-57SalvationMountain-59


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