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Wedding Planning Tips: How Do We Pose?

Whenever I show up to a shoot with new clients, a majority of them seem to have the same worry-

“We’ve never been professionally photographed before and we are awkward, HOW DO WE POSE?”


I tell everyone the same thing; making you comfortable in front of the camera is MY job, not yours! I will give you direction and guidance the whole time, and if something isn’t working I will let you now and we will switch it up. It takes about 10-15mins to “warm up” and get lose, and then after that you will forget that we are even snapping away.

My style is very natural and I try to get everyone’s personality out on the table and on camera. Everyone is different, and some people are more reserved than others, but you just have to trust me! I give my clients what I call “posed actions”. Instead of a stiff pose, I will give you an action such as putting your bride’s hair behind her ear for her, or run in for a big hug and squeeze. Actions (instead of poses) do two things. First, they look more natural and in the moment. Secondly, they get a reaction out of your partner.


I have my other tips and tricks that I use on a shoot that will make the girls feel more feminine, and the boys more masculine. I also have some silly actions that are guaranteed to get a big laugh out of both of you! Depending on your characteristics and personalities, we will play with what looks best. Maybe you are a bit eclectic, or perhaps more formal, we will shoot whatever works for YOU.


I try to get a mixture of both “standard” photos (you both looking into camera smiling) and “candid” photos (where you might not even be aware that I am taking the picture!).


One big tip for you to always keep in mind while being photographed with your loved one, is body contact! Always be touching each other, whether it is a simple hand hold, arms around each others waist, or even some heavy petting….the electricity will translate on camera.


Lastly, DON’T FRET!  I take LOTS of photos during a shoot, and try to give you as much variation as possible. I walk away from every shoot knowing that there is something in there that you will love. I want you to cherish these images for a lifetime.


OH, but if you can do this (below), then that’s all on you. I wouldn’t even know how ………



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