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Heather and Josh’s Rustic New Orleans Wedding at Race and Religious!


After continuously refreshing my weather app on my phone, everyone came to terms with the fact that it was definitely going to rain on Heather and Josh’s wedding day. The weather report even had a red exclamation mark noting “extreme thunderstorms” and “100% chance of rain” for the afternoon. I got to the beautiful wedding venue, Race and Religious, and watched as friends and all of the groomsmen ran around trying to figure out where the ceremony would know be held inside. Plans had changed. The girls took their time getting ready, trying to stay optimistic about the weather. After all, Heather and Josh were STILL going to get married, rain or shine, and that was something to be happy about. But then….it was like a scene out of a movie….literally as Heather was buttoning up her wedding dress, the sun started to pour through the window! It was a wedding day miracle! People ran upstairs and said to her, “you have 10 minutes to decide if you want to move everything back outside for the ceremony or not, but if it rains again we will all have to get wet.” We took the chance anyway! The groomsmen and helpers moved EVERYTHING back outside! And it didn’t rain a drop the rest of the day!!!

It was truly meant to be. Not only was the weather cooperating, but the entire event was such a joyous occasion. The wedding was unconventional and traditional at the same time. Instead of having seats for all of the guests, Heather and Josh encouraged everyone to stand up and as close to them as they could. In the middle of the ceremony, the officiant, their friend Myles, even had everyone talk amongst themselves about what made the bride and groom unique, asking them to shout out answers. I’ve seen a good share of emotional grooms, but Josh probably takes the cake. Just the sight of Heather walking down the aisle made him tear up, as well as trying to get through their vows. (It was adorable). They also each took time to read aloud notes that the other had written to them from years ago. It was very sweet. There was no formal dinner, just a food truck serving yummy greek falafels! Guests could go up and order whenever they were hungry. Most of the details were DIY, such as the signs and flower crowns, and Heather even drew the portraits on the cake toppers! One of my favorite aspects of the night was how Heather and Josh had “shifts” of their wedding guests for bartenders! Every hour, they would switch out and someone else would be behind the bar. The food, the desserts, the music, the details, the WEATHER, they were all perfect. Some guests even jumped into the pool before the night was over. It was a great weekend. Congrats Josh+Bird!!

Venue: Race and Religious

Catering: Fat Falafel

Florals: Heather’s mother Bridget, and her mother’s friend,┬áLouise kinsman

Floral Crown: DIY by Heather!

Cocktail hour entertainment: Friends of the Bride, lead by Ali Dineen

Wedding Dress: Francine Gown by Watters

Desserts: The Sweet Spot

Officiant: Friend of Bride and Groom, Myles

Cake Toppers: DIY, drawn by Heather!

Reception Entertainment: Friend, DJ Lenny


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